Riding Shotgun

Desperate for adventure, and a last chance to see her sister, 80-year-old Mary hits the road for the cross country adventure of a lifetime. Her late husband’s beloved Lincoln Town Car carries Mary from California to Minnesota, but also down memory lane and straight into trouble. She might be old, but Mary’s no dummy, and while the car’s a tank, it can’t entirely protect an elderly woman traveling alone. The problem with bringing along a companion is that most people are demanding, and Mary wants some peace and quiet on this last voyage. A shot of inspiration leads her to “Mike” - the perfect plus one to ride shotgun as she heads west. He’ll never disagree with her choice of music, food or lodging, doesn’t need to pee and is guaranteed to let Mary do and say whatever she wants. Once she gets him outfitted in her dead husband’s clothes, Mary figures no one will ever know she brought a mannequin along for the ride. In reality, her department store companion fills the passenger seat nicely in a pinch but it turns out he doesn’t ward off the worst of what’s out there. Who knew a nice little old lady out for a drive could be so dangerous.

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